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Pest Control in St. Joseph MO

Keeping Pests in Their Place, Not Yours!

St. Joseph is an interesting mix of history and modernity. It’s the home of the Glore Psychiatric Museum, named by the New York Times on its list of “World’s Weirdest Museums.” Today, it’s possible to bike the historical Pony Express Mail Route, following the trail that forged mail service to the west coast during the Gold Rush. An area well-known for meatpacking and agricultural processing, Aunt Jemima’s pancake flour mix was invented in St. Joseph in the late 1880’s, changing breakfast forever. There’s no doubt that this city is a place that invites a lot of innovation.

Plunkett’s Pest Control has been serving the St. Joseph area for decades. We’ve developed pest removal and prevention plans that work with your particular environment and needs. Call us anytime you’re in the market for trusted, high quality local pest control.

Pest Control That Understands St. Joseph

St. Joseph is an epicenter for food processing. With so many meatpacking and agricultural processing plants within its city limits, it has some distinctive pest problems. The most commonly found (and addressed by Plunkett’s) pest problems in this area include:

  • Stored Product Pests: Stored product pests are any moths or beetles that infest stored goods like food or clothing. Plunkett’s experts can make sure your pantry, closet, or storage is clean and stored pest-free for good.

  • Cockroaches: Cockroaches thrive in urban environments, especially if they have access to humidity. Plunkett’s experts can reduce roaches on your property by 75% within one week and eliminate them completely within six.

  • Ants: Ants are active in homes and businesses year round. They thrive in heat, building distinctive mounds in soil. The key to ant elimination is destroying their nests so they have nowhere to go back to. Plunkett’s has years of experience in both eliminating and preventing the creation of these nests.

  • Rodents: Mice and rats become especially troublesome starting in late summer, when they start looking for places to overwinter. Plunkett’s rodent prevention service figures out how rodents get in and how to keep them out. For good.

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For over 100 years, Plunkett’s has delivered honest, expert, full-service pest management services to homes and businesses.

“Jacob [Plunkett’s technician] did a superb job. The service he did was all done perfectly and I want the company to know how well it went. No more termites or further damage. No more pests, period.” - Robert B., St. Joseph, MO

When it comes to finding the best “pest control near me,” home owners and business owners from Wallace to Agency and Clarksdale to Savannah can count on Plunkett’s.

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