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Pest Control in Ottumwa IA & Kirksville MO

Keeping Pests in Their Place, Not Yours!

Ottumwa, Iowa and Kirksville, MO are two cities connected by the winding US Highway 63. They’re also connected by similar environments marked by grasslands and plains. With the sprawling flatland and tall grasses comes distinctive environmental pressures and pests.

Luckily, Plunkett’s has been serving these connected cities reliable, high quality pest control for dozens of years. Whether your home or business are plagued by common scorpions, spiders, termites, wasps, roaches, or who-knows-what - we’ve got you covered. Our expert technicians can help you not only remove existing problems, but prevent future ones as well.

Pest Control That Understands Iowa

These two cities may be in different states, but they have one important thing in common: their environment. They face similar pest problems due to their joint location on the Interior Tall Grassland and Drift Plains. Some of the pest problems we handle most frequently in this area include:

  • Termites: Termites attack wood that’s wet, rotting, or damaged. Plunkett’s uses the Sentricon Termite Baiting system to wipe out entire colonies quickly and permanently.

  • Spiders: Spiders are attracted to dark, secluded areas where they can hunt the flying and crawling insects they consider prey. Plunkett’s technicians are experts in spider removal and exclusion.

  • Wasps: Wasps and hornets build nests anywhere they can stay sheltered and fed. Plunkett’s stinging insect service covers inspection, treatment, and removal of active nests.

  • Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes love water and humidity, both of which are abundant across Iowa. Plunkett’s offers one-time or ongoing mosquito treatments to remove breeding sites and administer safe, residual insecticide throughout the property.

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For over 100 years, Plunkett’s has delivered honest, expert, full-service pest management services to homes and businesses.

“Wanted to let you know how professional Jeff is [Plunkett’s technician]. He is very kind and very thorough. I am 100% satisfied with the service!”
- Michelle P., Ottumwa, IA

When it comes to finding the best “pest control near me,” home and business owners from Coatsville to Freemont and Azen to LaPlata can count on Plunkett’s.

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