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Residential Pest Control Services

Do you have pest issues in or around your home? Contact Plunkett’s today for expert residential pest control near you. We’ll get rid of your unwanted visitors fast!

We Get Rid of Household Pests

Whether you’re looking for a one-time pest control service for an existing pest problem or regularly scheduled pest control, we’re here to help.

Plunkett’s has residential pest control services for your home, cabin, or any other living space. Our residential pest control management programs are designed to give you peace of mind by preventing pest problems before they even start. Keep reading to learn more or schedule a service to get started.



Choosing Between Residential Pest Control Companies

The Plunkett's team is not just any local pest control company. We are deeply committed to your well-being and safety, offering comprehensive residential pest services. You can trust that our adept technicians will:

  • Arrive punctually in a Plunkett's uniform and vehicle.
  • Treat you, your family, your pets, and your property with the utmost respect and care.
  • Diligently assess the extent of your pest problem and thoroughly explain potential treatment options to your complete satisfaction.

Recurrent and Single-Service Pest Control Needs

Sometimes we're needed for a single pest on a single day and other times we're asked to provide comprehensive household pest control year-round. Everyone has different needs and thresholds for pests in their home.

As a result, Plunkett's offers one-time service calls to address household pest control issues on an as-needed basis. Our local technician can usually resolve the problem in just one appointment. Pricing is based on the size and environment of your home.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to get started on your journey towards a pest-free home!

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Where are Pests Hiding in My House?

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Without integrity, a company crumbles. That’s why, at Plunkett’s, we pride ourselves on the caliber of people we have on our team.

Every Plunkett’s employee must pass an array of reviews every year, including background checks and other screenings. Plus, many of our dedicated technicians have been with us for 10, 20, even 30+ years! Our pest management team is passionate about delivering you an exceptional service experience every time no matter the type of pest.

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Residential Pest Control: Frequently Asked Questions

What type of home pest control services does Plunkett’s provide?

We provide inspections and treatments for most insect and rodent infestations including bed bugs, termites, mice, rats, and more!

Does Plunkett’s offer residential mosquito control?

Yes, Plunkett’s offers mosquito pest control for residential spaces. Call today to learn how our treatments can keep itchy invaders from ruining your next get together.

How much does residential pest control cost?

Pricing depends on the size of your home and the extent of the pest problem. To ensure your home remains pest free all year, consider our seasonal pest control packages that start at $349. They provide the best home pest protection you’ll find.

Are Plunkett’s pest control services safe for my home?

Yes. Plunkett’s uses eco-friendly pest control treatments that are safe for your family and pets. Whenever possible, we employ non-chemical techniques to remove and prevent pests without having to spray.

Why should I choose Plunkett’s vs other residential exterminators?

Effective residential pest management requires a high level of detail and care. The team at Plunkett’s wants to see your home free of unwanted pests and we want your family to feel good about the level of service you receive. We’ll always take the time to answer your questions and explain our approach to your problem.

Do you have to leave the house for pest control?

The need to leave your house during pest control treatments depends on the type of treatment being applied and the severity of the pest infestation .Our expert technicians will advise you to leave your home if deemed necessary, depending on the specific chemicals used during treatment applications. This time frame could range from a few hours to an entire day.

However, many of our pest control methods are designed to be safe for humans and pets, which would not require you to vacate your residence. To get the most accurate answer, it is recommended that you consult with one of our customer service representatives directly about our specific services.

How to keep pests away from your house

There are several measures you can take to minimize the likelihood of a pest infestation in your home:

  • Cleanliness: Regularly clean your home, particularly the kitchen and dining areas. Pests are often attracted to food crumbs and dirty dishes.
  • Trash management: Properly seal and dispose of your garbage. Take out the trash regularly to avoid attracting pests.
  • Sealing entry points: Check for cracks or holes in your walls, doors, and windows. Seal any openings you find to prevent pests from entering.
  • Regular inspections: Regularly inspect areas prone to infestation such as basements, attics, or pantries. Early detection can prevent larger infestations.
  • Landscaping: Regularly trim trees and bushes near your house. These can provide pathways for pests to enter your home.
  • Pest control services: Regularly schedule professional pest control services with Plunkett's for preventative treatments.

Learn more about how to prevent a pest problem.

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