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Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Eco Friendly Res Graphic

Plunkett's Eco-Friendly Pest Management Protocol

  1. Structural review to see where they’re getting in; suggestions for helpful repairs
  2. Regular exterior treatments to reduce immediate exterior populations and prevent them from going in
  3. Regular interior monitoring to catch an infestation early
  4. Interior treatments only when necessary

Eco-Friendly IPM

We are proud to say that Plunkett’s has been incorporating minimalist practices into our pest management treatment protocol long before it became fashionable. Our first line of defense in the fight against unwanted critters is by stopping them from entering in the first place. In most cases, we can get rid of the pests in your home or cabin without the use of toxic and harmful chemicals. Our intention is to use the least amount of chemicals necessary to eradicate pests from your home.

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