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Oriental Cockroach Control

Oriental Cockroach

The oriental cockroach is believed to be of North African origin. It’s also commonly called a “waterbug.” This species of cockroach has worldwide distribution. In many areas, oriental cockroaches survive quite well outdoors and spend considerable time there. They’re typically found under debris, stones, and leaf litter, pavement, slab floors and porch voids.


Indoors, roaches are typically found in crawl spaces, cellars, basements and on the first floor. Occasionally, they can also climb to higher floors, especially around water pipes. Roaches feed on all kinds of food and decaying organic matter, but prefer starchy foods. Oriental roaches tend to produce a strong rancid odor when feeding and congregating.


Keep oriental cockroaches out of buildings by installing door sweeps, keeping thresholds tight, sealing gaps, and screening vents. Fit escutcheon plates tightly over areas where plumbing enters through walls and cabinet bottoms.

You could also use sticky traps to capture and dissuade existing roaches. These traps will be particularly effective beneath sinks, along the perimeter of the garage, and near the basement foundation. Make sure you check and replace these traps frequently, or they won’t be effective or sanitary.


Adult male oriental cockroaches measure 1” long, whereas females reach 1 ¼” long. They’re usually shiny black but may vary to dark reddish-brown. The males’ wings cover about 75% of the abdomen, leaving the tip of the abdomen exposed. females have much smaller wings which resemble nymphal wing pads, but with veins. Adults do not fly.

Nymphal early instars appear shiny reddish-brown or grayish-brown. Later instars turn dark reddish-brown or black.The egg capsule (ootheca) is reddish-brown when deposited, then changes to a black color later. It is about ⅜” long, and about twice as long as they are wide. Egg capsules may resemble a miniature purse.


Plunkett’s Pest Control technicians control oriental cockroaches indoors using strategically placed baits and food lure insect monitors. We primarily focus on cabinets beneath sinks, basement perimeters, box sills, and damp crawl spaces. We might use residual insecticide dusts in wall voids near plumbing penetrations as well.

Outdoors, we apply insecticide bait or residual liquid barrier treatment around the foundation perimeter where these insects enter.

If you have an oriental cockroach infestation, give Plunkett’s Pest Control a call right away. We’ll set you up with a program designed to handle infestations of any size or severity.

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