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pests while camping

Gathering around the campfire for s’mores as you gaze up at the stars is just one part of a successful camping trip. The cool evening air is a nice contrast to the hot summer sun — until the bugs make an appearance. Summer camping trips are no fun if you’re hiding out in your tent as you try and escape legions of pests. Here’s how you can keep the pests away from your campsite and enjoy your fun-filled weekend:

1. Stay on high and dry ground

Pests love moisture. When you opt for a campsite that’s as dry as possible, you’ll have a better chance at avoiding a run-in with pests. Especially if it rains, low ground isn’t such a fun place to be.  We realize the reason many people camp is to enjoy the wilderness. But if you can set up camp in an area that is less dense in vegetation, you'll avoid a certain amount of pest activity and aggravation. That tall grass over there? Steer clear!

2. Invest in bug spray

There are a number of sprays, candles and other tools for keeping pests away from your campsite. Bug spray is an excellent way to keep them off your body, but be sure to use one that contains DEET, and always follow the instructions. Do your research, and you might be surprised by what you find.

3. Don’t give them a reason to stay

Leaving food and garbage out is a good way to extend an invitation for pests to join you on your camping trip. Though it’s tempting to put it off until later, be sure to wash any dishes and utensils as soon as you’re done using them. Keep food in containers and never leave food uncovered.

4. Keep the door closed

Once a critter makes its way inside your tent, it can be tough to get it out! When it comes to mosquitos, you can expect to hear a few still buzzing around long after you thought they’d left. By keeping your tent door closed at all times, you’ll give yourself better odds at sleeping in peace. Nets are another way to keep you and your campsite protected.

5. Be mindful of what you wear

Summer camping trips may walk hand-in-hand with heat, but choosing clothing that doesn’t cover your skin means you’re taking a risk. Opt to keep covered, especially if you’re near a forest, moisture or tall grass. Or, keep some bug spray close at hand. Remember that your scent can be very attractive to certain pests, so you might want to leave that perfume at home. Don’t worry, few will care about your less-than-perfect smell on a camping trip! If you’re in need of pest control help at home, Plunkett’s Pest Control has all the answers. We’ve been in the business for over 100 years, and our technicians are trained and experienced in handling a wide variety of pests. Contact us today to learn more, or schedule a service!

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