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cockroach facts

A run-in with a cockroach isn’t on your agenda for the foreseeable future — as far as you know. After 300 million years of existence on earth, cockroaches have established themselves as adaptive creatures that put up quite the fight when you try to get rid of them. Check out these 7 cockroach facts you didn’t know:

1. There are cockroaches in your chocolate.

The label on your chocolate bar is missing a key ingredient — cockroaches! That’s right, there are typically about 8 insect pieces inside every chocolate bar. According to FDA guidelines, this is a safe amount, and the only way to combat the problem is to add more pesticides, which would be worse than eating cockroaches. At least you’re incorporating protein into your diet!

2. They could be causing your allergic reaction.

If you believe you suffer from a chocolate allergy, it might not be the sweet treat causing you to break out in hives after all. In fact, it could be the cockroach parts inside the chocolate causing an allergic reaction, respiratory problems, migraines, cramps or itching.

3. Cockroaches are not morning insects.

When cockroaches roll out of bed in the morning, they’re unable to form new memories. Research suggests that it takes time before cockroaches can be deemed “functional” and often don’t pick up new information until later in the day.

4. There are thousands of cockroach species.

There are nearly 4,500 species of cockroaches in the world. They weren’t introduced into the United States until the 1600s, but new breeds are still being discovered.

5. Cockroaches go extended periods without breathing.

When cockroaches go for a swim, they can submerge themselves for half an hour and can hold their breath up to 40 minutes. They’re not doing this just because they can. A cockroach holds its breath to take advantage of its efficient breathing system.

6. They can go awhile without food, too.

Meal times vary widely for cockroaches. Some can go one month without any food, but can only survive a week without water. Consequently, a cockroach can live a week without its head, but after that time, water deprivation kicks in.

7. Cockroaches are quick travelers.

Three miles an hour may not be very fast. But that’s enough time for cockroaches to quickly invade a space. Even baby cockroaches can come close to matching that speed. Cockroaches are tricky pests to deal with, and Plunkett’s Pest Control has the experience and expertise to help rid your home of the unwanted pests. Contact us today and we’ll take care of the infestation. Have you had any run-ins with roaches? Tell us about it in the comments section or share on our Facebook page!  


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