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how to tell if you have bed bugs
Bed bugs can be surprisingly--and infuriatingly--subtle. The pests are frightfully good at hiding. They'll spend days hunkered down in the nooks and crannies of your bed, waiting for the opportune time to feed. Even worse, when they do feed, you may not even notice! Bed bug saliva contains a protein that works as a kind of local anesthetic. You won't feel the bite unless it starts to itch after the bug itself is long gone! Luckily, bed bugs aren't quite as sneaky as they think they are. All bugs leave telltale signs of their presence in the areas they infest, and bed bugs are no exception. The first step to combating a bed bug infestation is figuring out you have one. To do that, look for the following signs of the pests around your bed and bedroom. These are the five major signs that you have a bed bug infestation: Five Signs That You Have Bed Bugs

bed bugs

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