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fruit flies on banana

Fruit flies are a major annoyance. Small spaces like apartments can often experience bad fruit fly problems—especially if residents aren’t taking any preventive measures. By understanding what attracts fruit flies, it's easy to figure out why you might have an infestation. And once you know the cause, you can adopt the best way to prevent fruit flies from returning.

Here are 8 effective strategies for fruit fly prevention:

1. Seal Your Garbage

Garbage is one of the main breeding grounds for fruit flies. They live, mate, and lay their eggs here. In addition to taking out the trash regularly, make sure you’re cleaning the inside of the can itself. Liquids can leak from the bag into the bottom of the can and sit in there for weeks, ferment, and breed fruit flies.

2. Rinse Food Containers Before Tossing

Are fruit flies attracted to water and certain beverages? Absolutely. They love old soda, alcohol, and other fermenting liquids. Thoroughly rinse cans, bottles, and food containers before recycling or disposing of them. Strive to keep your garbage as clean and dry as possible to repel fruit flies.

3. Store Fruit Properly


There’s a reason they’re called fruit flies. Leaving ripe bananas or other fruits exposed will attract these pests.. Store all fruits in the humidity-controlled section of your fridge. After enjoying your fruit, take any remnants directly outside to your dumpster.

4. Wash Dishes Right Away

Unwashed dishes are a magnet for fruit flies, providing them with the food and moisture they crave. Ensure you wash dishes right away.

5. Address Plumbing Leaks

Moisture, whether from food or plumbing leaks, is an invitation for fruit flies. Check under kitchen sinks and around bathroom fixtures for unwanted moisture. If you detect dampness, identify its source and fix it ASAP.

6. Clean Your Pantries and Cabinets


Ever wondered if mold attracts flies? The answer is yes. Rot, mold, and associated moisture in storage spaces will attract fruit flies. Empty and clean your storage spaces regularly. Transfer your food to airtight plastic containers to deter fruit flies and other pests.

7. Dispose of Garbage Every Night

Make it a habit to take out the trash every evening. As it starts to decay, garbage attracts fruit flies, so regular disposal is a proactive step in preventing fruit flies.


8. Regrout Kitchen Tiles

Old or damaged tiling can harbor moisture, creating potential breeding spots for fruit flies behind wall tiles or under damaged floor tiles. If tiles look warped, replace and regrout them, ensuring there are no hidden moisture pockets.

For a Fruit Fly-Free Space, Call Plunkett's


While these tips are essential for fruit fly prevention, dealing with an existing infestation can be more challenging. A fruit fly’s life cycle is fast, and their eggs can be a challenge to eradicate. If you're using homemade remedies like an apple cider vinegar fruit fly trap covered with plastic wrap, remember it's just a temporary solution.

If your fruit fly problem persists, there's no need to deal with it alone. Plunkett’s Pest Control is here to help. We understand the fruit fly life cycle and can pinpoint the source of your infestation, ensuring they're gone for good. Contact us today!

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