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pests in pantry

Surprises can be amusing, among many other emotions. When that surprise is staring at you in the morning as it swims through your pancake batter, it tends to elicit negative ones. Instead of assuming the small, crawling critter jumped into the bowl after you mixed the recipe, it’s time to toss the batter consider some kitchen cleaning to kick out your new found pantry pests. Pantry pests frequent many kitchens and show up in places you might not expect. Here’s what you need to know about the critters.

What are pantry pests?

Pantry pests live up to their name. Found in pantries and dry food cupboards, pantry pests include a variety of different beetles and moths that infest your dry food products. The pantry pests you’ll most likely encounter include the saw-toothed grain beetle, the Indian-meal moth and confused flour beetles. If you’re seeing unusual black specks in your pancake mix, a pantry pest is likely the culprit. Other common food items pantry pests enjoy infesting are cereals, macaroni, dried fruit, crackers and spices. Keep an eye on your pet food, too. Pantry pests enjoy it as much as your poodle. Birdseed, too — pantry pests aren’t just after human food! If pantry pests have surfaced in your cupboards, it’s not entirely your fault. In fact, eggs might have already been in the products you bought.

Are they harmful?

Pantry pests aren’t generally capable of or interested in harming you, but there’s a good chance they’ll cause irritation or allergic reactions. They won’t sting you or bite you, but you’ll most certainly want to throw out your infested food. Even if they’ve made their way into your favorite spice container, do yourself a favor and make a quick run to the grocery store for another.

What can I do?

Getting rid of pantry pests involves cleaning out your pantries or cupboards while tossing any food items that are contaminated with the pantry pests. Think of the project as a simple cleaning of your kitchen. Inspect all of your cupboards and shelves and throw away anything you deem infested. If you have to wonder, it’s best to toss it to stay on the safe side. It’s tough to prevent pantry pests, because it’s often no fault of your own. However, getting rid of them is up to you and your cleaning abilities. It’s a good idea to throw away items you haven’t used in a while — there’s no saying what could be crawling around in there. If you’re struggling to kick pantry pests out of your home, contact the professionals to help get rid of anything crawling in your breakfast. Plunkett’s Pest Control has over 100 years of experience. Our family-owned and operated business has the knowledge and experience to get rid of your pantry pests. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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