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earwigs are harmless pincher bugLong known as the “pincher bugs”, earwigs continue to cause a scare around homes in the Midwest. These small insects with pincher like appendages are actually harmless although they may not look or act it. Earwigs can move fast and they congregate in large numbers which makes them look like a serious pest threat. But do not fear, if you are seeing earwigs scurrying around your home you are not in any danger, although you will want to get rid of them.

Where The Name Comes From

Earwigs actually get their name from an old myth that they crawled into people’s ears and bored into their brains. This is clearly not the case as there have been no issues involving people’s brains and earwigs. But never the less, they still look capable of such an act with their pinchers! The only threat of earwigs is that they can bite if they are sat on or handled but even their bites are only mildly painful.

Earwigs In Your Home

The reason that earwigs are usually found in homes is that they are on a search for moisture. If your home has a way inside and/or a damp basement, bathroom, or kitchen, then it is likely that you could be hosting earwigs.  You are most likely to see them making their way across floors or hiding under objects like plant pots. So how can you avoid these less than anticipated encounters with earwigs? Here are a few ways to prevent them from getting inside your home:
  1. Seal off any cracks, holes, or crevices on the outside of your home including the foundation, windows, and doors.
  2. Place weather strips on the doors to make sure they are sealed tight.
  3. If you have a relatively damp basement you may want to place a dehumidifier down there to help take out some of the moisture. Also address other moisture prone rooms.
If you are already seeing earwigs in your home then give Plunkett’s a call. Our pest control professionals are ready to help you get rid of earwigs and other household pests including spiders and ants. With a large service area including Minneapolis and Alexandria, Minnesota, the Quad Cities, and much of the Midwest, Plunkett’s is sure to have a pest control solution for your home. Simply contact us today and you will be on your way to home without pincher bugs! [cta]

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