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centipede identification

The centipedes that creep into your basement are the appropriately-named “house centipede” (Scutigera coleoptrata). These centipedes are attracted to warm, dark, humid environments. They sneak inside following other pests and stay as long as they can find food and moisture. Once inside, they don’t have any problem laying eggs, either.

No one wants to run into a centipede. Especially not in the dark. Especially not in their basement. Those things are freaky. If centipedes are going to survive in your home, they need moisture, food, and shelter. The best way to keep centipedes out of your home, therefore, is to make sure they can’t get those things. Here are our best tips for how to do that in your basement:


Unfortunately, getting rid of the centipedes already inside your home may be trickier than excluding them in the first place. Once established, centipedes will do everything they can to stay in your basement.

If you need help removing these creepy crawlies from your basement once and for all, Plunkett’s has your back. We’ll drive your centipedes away and wipe out the pests they were feeding on while we’re at it. Get in touch for a pest-free basement today!

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