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rat getting into home

Rodents like rats and mice are notoriously good at infiltrating homes, especially during autumn and winter. Did you know, however, that they tend to rely on the same few access points to make their way inside over and over? By identifying and sealing off these access points, you could keep rats and mice out of your home for good quite effectively!

This video covers each of the most common access points rodents use to enter your home, and how you could easily and effectively seal them off. By following our instructions, you can figure out where the vulnerable areas of your home are and how to render them rodentproof. Here's what you have to do:

Rodents are nothing if not persistent. If you're having trouble finding or patching up all the access points around your home--or if the rascally rodents have already made their way inside--get in touch with Plunkett's Pest Control right away. We'll be able to drive out your rodent infestation and keep it from coming back, either this winter or for any of the winters to come!


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