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house spider

We often think of spiders as the lonely (and creepy) pests hanging from a web. But with the start of spring, your lonely little spider may happen to bring some even smaller spiders into this world. That’s right; spiders in the Upper Midwest are having babies this spring. As we finally get some relief from the cold weather, you can’t be sure that pests are all going back outside. And we all agree here at Plunkett’s that the only thing worse than finding one spider hanging from a web in your home is finding a spider hanging from a web with all of her babies! There are many different types of spiders found throughout the Upper Midwest including Minneapolis and Alexandria, MN; Lincoln and Omaha, NE; and the Quad City region. But of all the different types of spiders, house spiders are the ones most likely to be hanging around the dark corners of your home. They are usually brown or gray in color and up to 3/8 of an inch. House spiders are not considered a danger because they do not have venom strong enough to evoke much of a reaction even if you do get a spider bite. Keep in mind, spiders usually bite only if they feel threatened or are frightened. So, why are there spiders in your home this spring since the outside weather is getting warm? Last fall, many house spiders took refuge in warm homes (maybe even yours) where they still had access to insects to eat. So the spiders you are seeing this spring could in fact have been hiding out all winter. The most likely places to find spiders in the home are in closets, the attic, the basement or other secluded areas where they can still hunt for food at night. But, as mentioned before, the problem with spiders in the spring is that babies are on the way! Regardless of whether you have been seeing spiders through the winter or not, you may see them and their babies very soon. Contact Plunkett’s Pest Control today if you are ready to say, “see ya later” to spiders! For those living in the Midwest, anywhere in Plunkett’s service area, please give us a call for spider control and to get rid of spider webs. We also offer home pest control services that target other common household pests including ants and mice.

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