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Large cockroach inside home on wood furniture

If you have cockroaches in your home, they’re there in search of food, shelter, water, and warmth. Unfortunately, most homes provide all of those things for cockroaches… especially if there are crumbs and puddles on the floor or piles of cardboard boxes.

What attracts cockroaches into my home?

When you turn on the lights and see these pesky pests run for cover, it can be an unnerving feeling. The first step to ridding your space of cockroaches is to learn what’s attracting them into your home in the first place:

●      Food. Food bits left on dirty dishes in the sink, milk left in the jug after being thrown away, and crumbs on the floor after you cook—these are all things that cockroaches would love to have as their next meal.

●      Water. Any source of moisture is a potential lure for cockroaches. From leaky pipes to spills in the kitchen, if there’s a source of moisture, cockroaches will stick around.

●      Shelter. Cockroaches hide in gaps and crevices in walls as well as within clutter. If you have a pile of cardboard or wood, cockroaches are likely to pick that as their home.

●      Warmth. Unfortunately, cockroaches can be active year-round. However, they thrive and breed in the summer. Which means, in the warmer months, there are more roaches looking for a home. Your home may be a prime spot for roaches if it is warm and humid.

How do I prevent cockroaches?

The best way to rid your space of cockroaches is to get help from professional pest control. Cockroaches can be extremely difficult to remove and the last thing you want is to let them spread. However, once your home is roach-free, there are several things you can do to help prevent a future infestation, including:

●      Wash dirty dishes right away

●      Take out the garbage regularly

●      Wipe up excess moisture

●      Fix any plumbing leaks right away

●      Don’t leave pet food on the floor

●      Wash out food containers before throwing them away

●      Sweep after cooking

●      Seal any cracks and crevices

●      Thoroughly clean your entire home

●      Don’t leave cardboard and paper cluttered around your home

If you’re experiencing a roach problem in your home, get in touch with Plunkett’s today! We can rid your home of these unwanted visitors quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about them scurrying around in the darkness.


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