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Rat crawls on dishes in kitchen sniffing for food

As the weather gets cooler, pest rodents begin looking for places to hunker down. The perfect winter home for rodents is warm, has food and water available, and is equipped with dark places to hide. A place that has all of those things at the ready: your house. Which This is why it can be tough to keep rodents out of your home as the temps plummet.

For Rodent Awareness Week, the experts at Plunkett’s have put together a guide on how to keep mice and rats from infesting your home. Don’t take on any long-tailed roommates this fall and winter by following our rodent prevention guide:

Your Guide to Keeping Pest Rodents Away from Your Property

To ensure you don’t run into rodent-related problems during the colder months, follow these tips:

1. Fill and Repair Gaps and Holes

Rodents can squeeze through small gaps, holes, and cracks to get into your home. In fact, rats can get through holes that are the size of a quarter. To keep these pests out of your home, check your property for openings and seal them up. To repair gaps in your home, you can use caulk or plaster. You may also want to consider weather-stripping doors and windows if there are substantial cracks there, too.


2. Stay Tidy

Rats and mice, like most pests, like to go places where they can find food. If you leave crumbs on your floor and counters, rats are more likely to see your home as a buffet. That’s why it’s important to make sure you sweep and clean often, keep your garbage cans covered, store your food in pest-proof containers, and clean up after your kids and pets.


3. Trim Trees and Shrubs Away from Your Home

When there are limbs from bushes and trees that lead directly to your home, it makes it easier for rodents to climb onto and into your structure. To make it more difficult for rodents to get access to your house, keep the greenery in your yard trimmed and neat.


4. Set Traps in Your House

If you notice rat or mouse droppings or other signs of rodents in your home, you should set traps to keep the infestation from spreading. Place traps in areas where rats and mice are most likely to congregate, like dark corners, along walls, and behind large objects. Anywhere you’ve noticed rodent feces, place a trap.

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5. Place Poison Outside Your Home

It is best to use poison outside of the home. Rodents can spread poison throughout the home, putting your family members and pets in danger. Place poison and bait near possible entrance points of your house—make sure they are out of reach of pets and children.


Take Part in Rodent Awareness Week by Staying Pest-Free!

Follow our tips above to make sure your home stays rodent-free this winter. However, if you use our guide and you still get a mouse in your house or rats in your room, the professionals at Plunkett’s can help. Our expert pest control technicians can get and keep rodents out of your home or business for good. Get in touch with Plunkett’s today!


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