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Ant Removal & Prevention

Where Ants May Be Hiding In Your Home

Ants can be active in homes and other buildings all year. Normally, they are found in slab-on-grade dwellings such as townhomes, or in the basement of houses. Ants are soil dwellers and survive beneath the concrete slabs of heated buildings. You may encounter them in winter while they forage for sweets, fats, and proteins.

Ants have a wide variety of nesting habits and food preferences. Some ants build nests in soil, producing characteristic mounds. Others nest in homes behind moldings, baseboards, countertops, and similar places.

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How Do I Get Rid Of Ants?

The key to getting rid of ants is to eliminate their nest. Killing the ants you see is helpful, but it doesn’t get to the root of the problem.

Stopping an ant problem yourself can be difficult. If the nest is not destroyed, the ants will keep coming back. Contacting Plunkett’s Pest Control is the most effective way to ensure your property is kept free of ants.

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How Can I Prevent Ants In The Future?

Trying to discourage ants from invading the home can be frustrating. Proper food storage and waste management will reduce the food that often attracts worker ants indoors. Clean all kitchen surfaces, vacuum daily, and rinse recyclable containers before storage.

Stay on top of exclusion practices by sealing any holes or cracks in your home’s perimeter you find as soon as you find them. If ants can’t find accessible food, water, or shelter in your home, then they’ll move on.

Control Process

Our Ant Control Process:

For interior small ant control our process involves treatment into cracks, crevices or other openings as close as possible to the nest opening. Depending on the exact species involved, gel-type baits are applied alongside the ants’ feeding trails. During warm months, a targeted exterior treatment is performed since ants could be coming from outdoors.

There are several species of ants that infest the areas around structures. They may be found coming out of expansion joints in driveways or walkways, building nests in yards or foraging in search of food. While our main concern is protecting structures, we are able to treat for some ants in the areas around structures as well, such as field ants, pavement ants, and carpenter ants. Pricing is the same whether the treatment involves the interior, exterior, or both.

If larger ants are identified on your property a specialized service plan may be recommended for effective control.

Ant Control With Plunkett's

At Plunkett’s, our goal is to help you quickly, conveniently, and in the most cost-effective way. We make every effort to be with you asap, usually within a day or two.

What Kind Of Ants Are In My Home?

There are over 12,500 identified species of ants in the world. No two ant species are exactly the same, but many behave in similar ways. There are several common varieties of ants that are particularly likely to make pests of themselves around your home. Some of the most common examples of indoor pest ants Plunkett’s encounters frequently include: