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Stored Product Pests

Your closet, your carpet, your pantry, your medicine cabinet: what do all of these places have in common? The answer: they’re all places that stored product pests love to infest. Maybe black carpet beetles have nestled their way into the body the couch in your basement. Maybe drugstore beetles have started eating your indoor herb garden. No matter what kind of stored food pest you have, they’re a problem. The first step to solving this problem is figuring out what’s infesting your home. We want to help with that.

This is a list of the stored product pests most likely to invade your home’s pantry. If you have a hunch that pests are pilfering your stored goods, chances are you’re dealing with one of these usual pest-suspects. Each of these pests have distinct differences, but they’re all prone to infesting stored products, and they’re all a major pain. Click on each pest to find out more about them, including how to keep them away from you.

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