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Earwigs are alive and thriving. And this summer, they’re making their presence known. Whether you’ve encountered an infestation or seen your fair share around the yard, you might not know much about these critters beyond their appearance. Here are 5 interesting earwig (or, pincher bug) facts you didn’t know:

1. They won’t go near your ears

While their name may suggest otherwise, earwigs will not attempt to enter your ears and feed on your brain. This myth about earwigs’ motives is far from the truth. Though they do prefer dark and moist areas, your ear isn’t high on their list of habitable places. Not to worry.

2. They’ll fiercely protect their young

Just when you thought you were a loyal and protective person, earwigs have taken those traits to the next level. An earwig can lay dozens of eggs at a time and the mother will devote her time to protecting the eggs. In fact, she’ll stay with them until they hatch — up until their first molt. After that, the nymphs are free to roam on their own.

3. They don’t use their wings

Equipped with wings and capable of flight, earwigs might surprise you with their lack of time in the sky. Though they often don’t take advantage of the wings in their backs, earwigs use other methods of getting around. They might take flight from time to time, but it can be a rare sight in our area.

4. There are a variety of earwig species

There are over 1,000 species of earwigs around the world, and a little over 20 types here in the United States. The earwigs you most often see around here are European earwigs, some of the most popular in the country. They were introduced into the U.S. in the 1900s, and have since become a common pest for many homeowners and adventurers.

5. They’re omnivores

Thanks to a set of pincers or forceps, earwigs often capture hearty meals consisting of both plants and other insects. From composting leaves to garden plants to arthropods, earwigs vie for a variety of snacks. Don’t let their intimidating stature fool you — they’ll cause no harm to humans. If you’ve encountered an earwig problem, contact Plunkett’s Pest Control. Our technicians are trained and equipped to deal with your pest issue, and we provide excellent customer service in our family-owned and -operated business. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a service!

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