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In a recent list compiled by Terminix, Minneapolis Minnesota was ranked the country’s 15th most bed bug infested city.  Major cities and even smaller communities in Minnesota, Nebraska and throughout the country are being infested at an alarming rate.  Bed bugs are being detected in residential dwellings, multi-unit housing complexes, hotels and hospitals.  These nighttime pests are shutting down retail stores, office buildings and other commercial operations and are hitching rides on public modes of transportation. Before the ban of DDT, the chemical was successful in the near-eradication of the pest in the 1940s and 1950s.  Nowadays there are several treatment options available and while they are all reported to be effective in getting rid of bed bugs, some options are a better choice for complete elimination in one treatment than others.  If you are a property owner experiencing a bed bug infestation you may be overwhelmed by the different treatment options available to you.  To help you make a better, more informed decision about bed bug control please review the bed bug treatment comparison chart below or contact us today.

Bed Bug Treatment Comparison






Application of liquid or dust pesticides and/ or fumigation methods
  • More budget friendly
  • Residual Effectiveness
  • Several EPA labeled pesticides available for bed bugs
  • Growing bed bug resistance to pesticides is well documented
  • May increase bed bug migration
  • Some belongings may have to be discarded
  • Not 100% effective


Process in which bed bugs are eradicated by rapid freezing
  • Chemical free
  • Kills all bed bug upon direct contact
  • Does not penetrate certain materials
  • No residual effect
  • Clutter may hamper effectiveness
  • Some belongings may have to be discarded


Direct steam application to bed bug infected area
  • Chemical free
  • Kills all bed bugs upon direct contact
  • Does not penetrate certain materials
  • Moisture left behind may cause damage
  • No residual effect
  • Clutter may hamper effectiveness
  • Not 100% effective


Use of heating units and fans for circulation to raise and maintain the temperature in an infested area to a lethal degree for several hours
  • Chemical free
  • Kills all bed bug life cycles
  • Penetrates materials
  • Belongings do not have to be discarded
  • While it may be the more expensive option it is the more cost effective Is the most effective option
  • 100% effective in eradicating bed bugs in the first treatment 98% of the time
  • Involves detailed pre-treatment space prep by the occupant.
  • Treatment may last several hours

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