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house spider close up

It happens to us all. That moment when we realize we are sitting, standing or walking right next to a spider in a web. House spiders are known to cause a scare and perhaps even a scream. No matter what time of year, spiders tend to make their way inside homes and establish webs in order to catch their prey. While not a threat to health or home, spiders do leave behind these unsightly webs in corners and eaves as well as anywhere they deem fit.  For residents in Alexandria, Duluth and other areas in Minnesota, the experts in pest control at Plunkett’s would like to share some information on house spiders that may just ease your worries.     Most house spiders are not considered dangerous, just a nuisance pest. Even though they have many legs and some many eyes, they are actually not trying to cause you stress and anxiety. The poisonous spiders that are considered dangerous, like the black widow and the brown recluse are not native to Minnesota and other Upper Midwest areas. So even if you do disturb the spider enough to invoke a bite, their bites are generally not able to pierce human skin and may only cause minor irritation.     The good news is that you will be fine from your house spider spotting; the bad news is that they are still considered a pest and you don’t want them to be invading your home. There are a few ways that you, as a homeowner can prevent spiders from getting inside. Here are some tips to control spiders in your home and on your property this year:    

  • Cut back and trim down bushes and shrubs that are touching your home. Branches can serve as a great bridge for spiders to make their way to siding, vents, gutters, or even inside to form unsightly webs.
  • Check that all windows in your home have screens that fit properly and have no holes or tears. Especially as the weather gets warmer this spring, you will want to enjoy the breeze minus the spiders.
  • Do a deep spring clean and remove clutter from storage spaces such as attics, garages, and other living areas where things have piled high. An old stack of newspapers is a great place for a spider to form their web and hang out. If you are not using the items that are in piles, either toss them or store them properly in bins that have tight fitting lids.   
Not only will your home be cleaner and your property well kept, but you will not have to worry about house spiders this spring if you follow these control tips. Of course, there is only so much that homeowners can do as far as prevention. If spiders have found their way inside your home, contact Plunkett’s Pest Control today. With a large service area including Minnesota, Illinois and other Upper Midwest states, Plunkett’s has your home covered with their effective home pest solutions.

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