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bed bug identification in home
How did bed bugs get into my home?  Unfortunately this is a question asked more and more frequently by homeowners as bed bugs persist in their quest for world domination.  So that may be an exaggerated assessment of the situation, but make no mistake, in recent years bed bugs have been and continue to be a major pest problem here in Minneapolis, throughout our region as well as the rest of the country . In the past bed bugs have mainly been associated with hotels, but they are also infesting other types of commercial establishments, apartment complexes and residential dwellings.  Which leads us back to the question at hand, how did bed bugs get into my home?  There are several ways bed bugs may have entered your home, but for the sake of time, let’s look at a few of the most common ways.
  1. As a souvenir.  When traveling it’s possible you could be unknowingly exposed to bed bugs, either in a hotel, on an airplane or other type of public transportation.  Bed bugs can also catch a ride in your luggage, on your purse or even on your person.
  2. As a yard sale bargain.  Everyone likes a bargain, but beware on your next cruise through a flea market or yard sale.  Bed bugs are often introduced into a home on items already infested.  This includes used clothing, pre-owned mattresses and furniture.
  3. As an uninvited houseguest.  Hosting family and friends from out of town is something many of us enjoy, but it can also lead to a bed bug infestation.  In some cases, along with house guests, uninvited bed bugs also arrive on their coattails or luggage.   Because college dorms are also a haven for this pest, students returning home for holidays or the summer may bring home bed bugs hidden in their belongings.
It is important to understand that bed bugs in your home are not something to be ashamed of; they are not a result of uncleanliness or lack of proper sanitation.  They are hitchhikers and opportunists that are simply on the lookout for their next blood meal.  Embarrassment should not prevent you from seeking help from professionals trained at bed bug control.  This is a pest problem that will not go away unless treated properly. For those fighting bed bugs in Minneapolis, Omaha, Lincoln or elsewhere in the Midwest, Plunkett’s Pest Control is ready to help you combat these intrusive pests with highly effective bed bug services, including K-9 inspections and heat treatments.  For more information on bed bugs and treatment options, please contact Plunkett's today.

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