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cockroach survival

Cockroaches can't hibernate, migrate, or survive freezing temperatures. If they want to get through winter, they'll have to find warm shelter. Unfortunately, that warm shelter could be your home.

Like many pests, roaches rely on a couple of common, vulnerable access points to enter your home. The trick to keeping them out is learning where these access points are and making sure roaches can't... access them! We can help with that--in graphic form! This infographic lays out the ways cockroaches are getting into your home this new year, and what you can do about it:

Cockroaches In Winter Plunkett's Infographic E=

Roaches are nothing if not resilient... and they're plenty of other less flattering things, too. Unfortunately, cockroaches can be difficult to prevent and even more difficult to eliminate once they're inside. Luckily, you don't have to worry about driving out your roach problem alone.

If you're worried about roaches this winter (or any other time of year), give Plunkett's a call any time. Our experts can find roaches, drive them out, and make sure they never come back.


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