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Pest rat inside house by electrical outlet

Everyone knows pests are prevalent in the spring and summer. However, people often forget about winter pests and the need for pest-proofing even when the temperatures drop. If you’re hoping to have a pest-free holiday season, follow our tips below:

Do You Need Pest Control in Winter?

Yes! Pests are still active even in cold temperatures. Plus, it’s important to use preventative pest control services, instead of reacting to an ant, rodent, or wasp infestation that’s already present in the warmer months. Here are a few reasons to have pest control this winter:

  1. Your house is the perfect winter home for termites, carpenter ants, cockroaches, and many more.
  2. Attics and basements are often shelter for wasps and spiders.
  3. In the winter, rodents scurry to find a warm place to stay dry and well-fed. Your house is the perfect spot.
  4. A professional pest control company, like Plunkett’s, inspects the and repairs any damage on your home to ensure pests cannot sneak in.
  5. Plunkett’s will set your home up for success in the winter as well as prevent any future infestations in the spring and summer.

What Pests are Active in the Winter?

There are many types of pests that cause problems in the winter, including:

Mice & Rats


It’s easy for rodents to sneak into your home. They often enter through your attic and then cause damage by chewing on wires and insulation.



Unfortunately, if you find carpenter ants in your house during the winter, they’re probably nesting inside walls and floors—especially where there is decaying wood. If you have ants in your house during the winter, get in touch with a professional pest control company right away.

Boxelder Bugs


Boxelder bugs stay dormant until spring but are often hidden in your home throughout the year, which is why winter pest services are so important. Boxelder bugs will hide in dark places (like an attic or basement) in the winter just so they can stay out of the cold temperatures. Once it gets warmer outside, however, they’ll make their way out into the rest of your home.

3 Tips to Pest Proof Your Home for Winter

Here’s how to have a pest-free winter:

1. Clean Up Your Kitchen

  • Keep food and dirty dishes out of your sink and off your counters.
  • Clean hard-to-reach places regularly.
  • Store all food, including pet food, in airtight containers.
  • Take out your garbage regularly.

2. Repair Damages (Even the Small Stuff)

  • Re-caulk all windows and doors. Anywhere you can see light through a crack is a space big enough for a bug. Repair and re-caulk to make sure all entry points are sealed up tight!
  • Repair all screens or replace screens with storm windows. Although it may seem unnecessary, a screen is one more barrier that separates bugs from your home. If you have the option, storm windows are even better at keeping bugs out, and can even help keep energy costs low!
  • Install an aluminum door sweep. Install an aluminum door sweep to any of your outside doors. This will provide another barrier to keep bugs out and keep heat in.
  • Fix leaky faucets. Aside from causing water damage to cabinets and floors, standing water can cause mold and draws in pests like cockroaches. This becomes even more of a problem in the winter since pests love cold, damp areas. Be sure to check all the faucets in the house and take care of any leaks. Don’t forget to check basements for leaks and general dampness, as they can be particularly wet!

3. Remove Clutter

Another problem area in your home may be caused by clutter. While gift wrap and other items tend to pile up during the holidays, be sure to keep areas organized and clutter-free.

Cardboard draws pests in, and clutter makes it easy for them to hide. Be sure to keep extra items stored neatly in airtight containers if it’s going to be sitting for a while, and vacuum often to suck up any pests that may have snuck in.

Don’t Let Pests Ruin Your Winter Wonderland—Call Plunkett’s!

If you’ve taken the measures above and you still have pests, we can help! Plunkett’s offers year-round pest control services from prevention to control to removal. Ready to get started with your winter pest proofing? Schedule a service with Plunkett’s today!

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