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Wasps on picnic table.

Having wasps show up is an easy way to ruin a summer picnic. Wasps can be extremely aggressive, making it difficult to know how to keep them away from your food and friends. To keep your picnic pleasant, follow these tips from the pest control experts at Plunkett’s!

First Thing’s First: Here’s What Not to Do:

Don’t swat wasps (especially if you’ve experienced allergic reactions from wasp stings in the past). If you get aggressive, the wasps will only become more aggressive. We know that it may be a natural reaction to flail your arms in an attempt to keep the wasps at bay, however, try to stay calm and wait for the wasp to leave you alone.

How to Keep Wasps Away From a Picnic

1. Hang a Fake Wasp Nest


2. Repel Wasps with Cucumbers

If you’re wondering how to keep yellow jackets away from food, try putting out some snacks they won’t like! Wasps don’t like the acidity of cucumber peels. This means cucumbers can be used to repel wasps and as a delicious summer snack! Slice a few and put them on a plate or throw them into a refreshing salad.


4. Use Crushed Garlic

So, how does garlic repel wasps? Similarly to cucumbers, garlic has an acid property that wasps don’t like. Crush some garlic and put it in a spray bottle of water. Spray this mixture around the area where you’ll be hanging out.

4. Wear Light and Pale Colors

Not only are bees and wasps attracted to sweet smells, but they’re also attracted to colors that look like flowers. Bright clothes could easily be mistaken for flowers. However, don’t switch out your pink shirt for a red or black one either. You may appear as a predator to wasps if you wear dark colors (you’d look similar to a bear or a skunk). This will put stinging insects on the defense. Play it safe by wearing light colors such as cream, gray, or white.


Get Help From the Professionals

Wasps are no fun, especially during a summer picnic. The most reliable way to get rid of and prevent wasps from bothering you this summer is to call a professional pest control team like Plunkett’s.

We offer removal of wasps as well as preventative treatments that can proactively stop wasps from occurring. Plus, we offer a 60-day guarantee on all nests treated!

How to Ward of Wasps: Plunkett's Pest Control

If you don’t want to go to the trouble and uncertainty of wearing white, spraying garlic, and hanging fake nests, get in touch with Plunkett’s for our professional and effective wasp pest control services. When you work with us, you get peace of mind that your picnic will be sting-free. We know how to get rid of wasps outside and how to keep them from returning.


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