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Plunkett’s Pest Control, Inc. has acquired Harmony Pest, Inc., an Albuquerque-based pest control company that provides full-service pest control services in Albuquerque and surrounding areas. This acquisition merges two privately-owned pest control companies and expands Plunkett’s service capabilities in the greater Albuquerque area.

Stacy O’Reilly, owner, and president of Plunkett’s Pest Control, says that “Harmony Services stood out to us because of their small business values. We are working closely with Matt and Marianne to help integrate their clients into the Plunkett’s system, and to help transition their technicians to positions at Plunkett’s. We are looking forward to learning from the Matt, Marianne, and the rest of their team and doing what we can to help everyone continue to grow and improve together.”

Harmony Services’ owner, Matt Vaive, commented on the merger, saying “One goal for this merger is to make sure our customers get the best pest control care possible. One means to that end is for them to have dedicated technicians they will see quarter after quarter. The processes won’t change, and myself, Marianne, and our technicians Rick and Cynthia will all be joining Plunkett’s in various positions.”

Harmony Pest Services, Inc.

Harmony Pest Services, Inc. was founded under the name Manzano Pest Management by Matt Vaive in 1994, and renamed Harmony Pest Services, Inc. in 2007. Harmony Pest Services, Inc. is run by Matt and Marianne Vaive. They built their business with the customers comfort and safety as the first priority, and the idea that being a forever learner is key for impactful pest control. Matt and Marianne will be the newest members of the Plunkett’s Pest Control Team once the merger is complete, along with the rest of the Harmony Pest Services staff.

About Plunkett’s Pest Control:

Founded in 1915 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Plunkett’s Pest Control, Inc. is a privately-owned and operated corporation led by third-generation president, Stacy O’Reilly.

Still based in Minneapolis, with regional offices in Columbus, OH and Farmington, NM, Plunkett’s delivers professional residential and commercial pest control services to over 74,000 clients in 21 states.

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Photo from Left to Right: Stacy O’Reilly, Owner of Plunkett’s Pest Control, Marianne Vaive, Matt Vaive, Owner of Harmony Pest Inc.)


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