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how to keep ants out of your house

Ants may be tiny, but they are one of the most common and problematic pests. They are capable of causing significant problems ranging from food contamination to structural damage in our homes.

It’s time we reclaim our homes from these pesky intruders. Here are some practical and effective tips and tricks from one of our expert pest control technicians, Mark!

Tech Tips: How to keep Ants Out of Your House

Survey the Perimeter of Your Home

The first step to winning any battle is understanding your enemy's strategy, and the same applies here. If you are noticing ant activity around your house, inspect the exterior thoroughly.

The presence of garbage, excessive mulch, tree branches, stumps, accumulated leaves in gutters, landscape timbers, wooden posts, or firewood stored near the structure can significantly contribute to ant activity.

Remove Entry Points

Ants can exploit the smallest of spaces. They often use tree branches and shrubs as a bridge to enter your home. To stop them, trim back all branches, limbs, and shrubs from your structure. Furthermore, ants can sneak in through gaps and cracks around utility lines. Make sure to seal these potential entry points to keep your house ant-free.

Beware of Moisture-Damaged Wood

Wood that's moisture-damaged is a welcome mat for carpenter ants. They excavate the damaged wood to build nests. Prompt replacement of any such wood that shows damage or excessive wear is key to keeping these ants at bay.

Keep Your Home Clean

Foraging ants are master scavengers. They are highly adept at finding the tiniest crumb or speck of food that falls on your floor. A meticulous cleaning regime involving regular sweeping and mopping can greatly reduce the likelihood of ant activity inside your home.

Seal Your Home

Completely sealing your home to keep ants out can seem daunting, but every bit helps. Seal along sidings, doors, windows, and any foundation cracks. These small changes can significantly reduce any ant activity.

If an ant infestation persists even after following these tips, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Remember, Plunkett’s Pest Control is only a call away.

Keep Your Home Ant-Free

We hope these tips will aid you in keeping your home free of ants. For more pest control tips, feel free to check out our blog. Or if you’re in need of expert ant help, schedule a service with Plunkett’s today.


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