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It doesn’t matter if your house was built yesterday or 100 years ago… Mice always seem to find a way in. Not only is this annoying for homeowners, but mice can spread diseases and cause damage to your space.

If you’re looking for ways to keep mice out for good, you’re in the right place. Plunkett’s Pest Control provides reliable, safe, and affordable pest control services to ensure your house is mouse-free. Joe Thebert, Plunkett’s Pest Control technician, shares his expertise on how mice get in and how Plunkett’s keeps them out:

We Start By Examining Rodent Entry Points

Mice don’t need very much space to squeeze into a structure. Our rule of thumb: if a pen can fit, so can a mouse. We begin our process by locating all possible entry points. Once we find them, we plug them with copper mesh, or, for a more permanent seal, we use spray foam or exterior adhesive over the copper mesh. A few common entry points include:


The most common entry point for mice is the gap found between the bricks and soffit.

The Garage

The garage door sweep is an extremely common rodent entry point. If the rubber looks like it has pieces missing or has been gnawed on, chances are, mice have found their way through.

Another thing to pay attention to is the weather stripping along the garage door trim. Many times, mice will chew out the lower portion of the weather stripping, allowing them to enter the garage. 

Air Conditioning 

There is often gapping, cracks, or holes where the air conditioner lines enter the siding. This can act as a runway for mice to get inside. 


A lot of times you might find houses where some siding has come loose from storm damage or simply separates over time. These gaps are perfect doorways for mice.

What Types of Material Can Mice Climb?

Mice are known to climb the downspout of a gutter. There are also a few types of siding that mice can easily climb including wood, stucco, and brick—basically any material mice can grip their claws on, they can climb.

What About Once the Mice Have Already Entered? 

“I pay attention to areas where mouse droppings have been present, they’ve [customers] recently seen a mouse, there’s been evidence of mice,” Thebert explains. “Whether it’s in your kitchen, or an unfinished part of your basement. A lot of times what I’ll do is set out traps and different rodent control measures to help catch and trap the mice that have gotten inside.”

Found a Mouse in Your House? Get in Touch with Plunkett’s. 

If you’ve got pests on your property, reach out to Plunkett’s. An expert technician, like Joe Thebert, can take care of any steps necessary to ensure your home stays pest-free. Give us a call at 866-906-1780 to get started.


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