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The laundry is slowly disappearing, the baseboard in your living room is starting to look more beat up than normal and there’s a strange sound coming from below the floorboards. You’re not losing your mind. But you may be losing the battle with the pests that are slowly invading your home. While it’s easy to overlook small surprises around your home, a pest invasion can trigger a costly mess. Instead of settling with some extra guests in your home, learn these seven signs of a pest invasion and what to do next.

1. Droppings

Are you sure those are crumbs resting on the floor? If you notice unusual markings in your home, look closer: they could be droppings from small pests invading your home. Be sure to clean them up, call the professionals and check other areas around your home.

2. Gnaw marks

Your baseboards are quite attractive for critters like mice to chew on. Gnaw marks, or pieces of wood lying around, are a sign of something sneaking around.

3. Dead bugs indoors

Finding a few dead bugs in your windowsill or in the basement isn’t uncommon. But if they keep appearing, perhaps there are more hiding out than you think.

4. Nesting evidence

When a critter discovers an excellent hiding place in your home, they may begin to construct a nest. Or, if you’re not in tune with their movements, that nest may have been built a month ago. Signs of nesting could include shredded paper, insulation or pieces of clothing. Be sure to check nooks and crannies — there’s no telling where the pests may be hiding.

5. Odd sounds

The dripping faucet, an occasional breeze in the winter — those small things around your home may seem normal to you, but some sounds could indicate a different problem. Scratching on the walls or small squeaks could mean unwanted guests are staying in your home.

6. Small holes

Even a hole the size of a pencil eraser tip is big enough for a mouse to enter. When small holes begin to surface around your home, they’re probably serving as a means of entry for a variety of pests. If you do see or suspect small holes, be sure to carefully inspect your home and seal them immediately.

7. Tracks

Some pests are usually sneaky enough to make their way around your home without leaving much evidence, but others may leave a clear path to follow. When you see grease marks or tracks — or even a trail of droppings — it’s time to take action. When you’re ready to tackle the pests in your home or begin taking preventative measures, Plunkett’s Pest Control can help. Our family-owned and -operated company has been in the business for over 100 years and can efficiently deal with your pest invasion. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a service.  

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