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Do you have a crawling or flying pest infestation in your home or business? Contact us today to get rid of unwanted visitors!

What Kind of Pest am I Dealing with?

Whether you’re dealing with creepy crawlies or flying fiends, you don’t want pests taking over your home or business. By learning more about the bugs that crawl, fly, or eat in your space you are better prepared to get rid of them and prevent any future infestations.

From flying pests to crawling bugs to fungi and moisture insects there are plenty of pesky things that could be in your home. Keep reading to learn more about what pest might be sneaking around wreaking havoc.

What are the Most Common Types of Flying Pests?

If you’re asking, what’s that bug buzzing around my head? Or, should I be worried about that insect in my home? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our pest control experts have compiled resources to make identification a breeze. Flying insects are more common than we wish. However here are some of the most common flying pests that may be buzzing around your home:

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What are the most common types of crawling pests?

Crawling insects can be harmless in small numbers. However, most people would rather not have these uninvited creepy crawlies in their homes at all. The real problem starts when crawling insects start to reproduce and grow in population.

It is crucial to catch pest problems right away to keep the infestation under control and keep treatment costs down. Below are some of the most common crawling insects you may find in your home

What are fungi and moisture pests?

Fungi, moisture, and decay insects are pests that flourish in wet, humid, or moldy environments. They are attracted to rotting wood, damp corners, plumbing leaks, drafty, secluded crawl spaces, and any other hidden, humid environment. Some of the most common types of fungi and moisture pests include:



How can Plunkett’s solve my pest problem?

Do you have a silverfish problem in your basement? Is there something mysterious buzzing around in your attic? It’s time to get in touch with Plunkett’s Pest Control. We’ve been helping families feel safe from all manner of pests for over 100 years! We can rid your space of crawling, flying, hiding, and sneaking creatures quickly and efficiently. Contact Plunkett’s today and let us make pests a thing of the past in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between ladybugs and lady beetles?

Compared to ladybugs, Asian lady beetles are larger, appear more orange or orange-red in color, are longer, have prominent, m-shaped markings on their heads, have a longer snout, and may have more spots. Learn more about the difference between ladybugs and Asian beetles with our infographic!

How do I get rid of box elder bugs?

A couple ways to rid your home or business of box elder bugs include spraying the pest with soap, cleaning the surfaces where box elders congregate with dish soap, vacuum the bugs up, seal your doors and windows, seal or replace cover plates, and remove or trim box elder trees. Learn more!

What are earwigs?

The European earwig is a common pest in the Midwest. They’re around ⅝” long and have flat, long, dark-brown bodies with orange appendages. They have forcep-like pincers on their lower abdomen called “cerci.” Earwigs have wings, too, but they rarely fly. Learn more about earwigs!

How can I keep centipedes out of my basement?

House centipedes enter basements looking for food, moisture, warmth, and shelter. To keep centipedes out make sure you weatherproof your windows, clean up any possible hiding spots, seal gaps around utility lines, dehumidify, repair baseboards, and get in touch with a professional pest control company. Read more about how to keep centipedes out of your home!

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