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Man and woman spring cleaning in their home

Springtime sees the world throwing off winter’s snowy blanket and waking up. It’s when animals and insects that laid dormant become active again – most of them hungry and ready to propagate. As you perform your spring-cleaning, maximize your effort to remain pest free during all this activity.

Before pests have a chance to enter your home, take preventative steps to make it and your yard less attractive to all manner of pests, all season long. We’ve compiled a quick list of tips to keep the sting out of your spring.

Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Pests Away

1.   Repair and seal your exterior

Spring is a great time to clean and take inventory of your home’s exterior. After snow, ice and wind have dealt their blustery blows, make sure your home is secure and pest-free by following these steps:

  • Seal all cracks. Temperature changes can cause fracturing in your home’s foundation. Use an exterior caulk to close these gaps and cracks where anything from ants to mice can get through. Do the same for gaps along siding, window sills and around plumbing and electrical access points.
  • Repair screens. With nicer weather upon us, you’ll more than likely be cracking the windows and leaving your doors open. Make sure your screens are free of tears and holes as spiders, flies and mosquitoes are tempted by these openings. It’s relatively easy to fix a screen yourself or your local hardware store can do it for you.
  • Cover vents. Laundry exhausts, bathroom vents and roof aerators are all points where bats and wily rodents can get in and bees or wasps will build nests.
  • Cover chimneys with mesh. Curious squirrels and raccoons may decide to explore your chimney, especially if there are good smells coming from within.

2.   Clean up your yard

Landscaping can play a big part in pest control. Use your spring clean to get that garden ready and minimize the risk of nuisance wildlife.

  • Clear brush piles. Leaf piles, fallen trees and brush are areas where insects and rodents build their nests. Clear these from your yard and keep firewood stacked away from your home.
  • Remove water sources. Still water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Empty out old flower boxes, containers and other areas where water can pool. Any water source can also attract thirsty animals and insects to your home.
  • Trim trees. Trees near or along your home can provide rodents with access to upper windows and your roof. Trim branches away to keep acrobatic mice, squirrels and racoons from getting too close.
  • Cover garbage cans. Make sure your waste storage areas are neat and covered. This includes cardboard boxes and recycling. Wafting food odors and easy access can encourage scavengers to make frequent visits.
  • Keep pet food secure. Pests love pet food. Whether you feed your beloved best friends outside or in, keep their food securely stored and don’t leave uneaten food out. And don’t forget to protect fido against fleas and ticks.

3.   Strike Pests Preemptively

If you’ve had pest problems in the past or you see signs of pests around your home, spring is a good time for preventative measures.

  • Watch for bee and wasp nests. Keep an eye on decks, garages, eaves and other places where bees and wasps build their nests. Spring is when the queens begin forming the colony and a good time to send them elsewhere to do it.
  • Treat for ants. Ants busy themselves with the tasks of building their nests and finding food. Traps and treatments can keep ants from entering your home.
  • Prevent termites. Termites are a true spring pest and can cause serious damage to your home. A pest control technician can help protect your home against infestation.\

Keep Your Home Clean and Pest Free This Spring

Hopefully, these tips will get you motivated to do your spring clean. If you need further advice or want help with unwanted visitors any time of year, contact Plunkett’s for the best pest control help near you.


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