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In a sea of people, why do mosquitoes seem to be most attracted to you? It could be in your genes. As much as the nuisance critters ruin your picnics and walks and take a toll on your time outdoors, they’re hard to escape. Are you itching for more information? Check out these 7 mosquito facts you didn’t know:

1. Slow Flyers

Despite your urgency to dodge the flying pests, mosquitoes can only fly about 1 to 1.5 miles per hour, depending on the species.

2. Hunting from Afar

Holding your breath may be just the trick to avoiding mosquitoes. They can detect carbon dioxide from nearly 75 feet away, which makes you an easy target.

3. Choosing a Prey

Only female mosquitoes bite. While males feed on flower nectar, females choose to bite humans in order to help the development of her eggs.

4. Rapid Reproduction

While they’re at it, female mosquitoes lay nearly 300 eggs at a time. No wonder there are so many pests buzzing around your picnic! They’re usually laid in clusters, typically on the surface of water or areas that regularly flood.

5. Dinosaurs Acquaintances

Mosquitoes are no strangers to the earth. They’re believed to have been around for nearly 100 million years! A few years ago, a 46 million-year-old fossilized mosquito was discovered in Montana and contained the blood of an ancient critter.

6. Death by Mosquito?

They may be small, but mosquitoes are mighty. Due to their ability to infect humans with various diseases, mosquitoes are known to be among the world’s most dangerous creatures.

7. Fast and Furious

The annoying buzz you hear can be attributed to a mosquitos’ wings. The creatures are capable of beating their wings 300 to 600 times per second. If you’ve noticed an abundance of pests in and around your home, Plunkett’s Pest Control can help. We’ve been in the business for over 100 years and have the experience and expertise you can count on. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a service!


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