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eco friendly pest control

With the shift to more “green” and Earth friendly products, households across the country are starting to look into all the ways to stay eco-friendly. From reusable bags, to organic foods, to environmentally friendly cleaning products, there are so many changes to make. Pest control can be one of the things that gets scrutinized for being a major chemical process that is bad for the environment and for our homes. But the truth is, pest control companies like Plunkett’s Pest Control have been utilizing eco-friendly pest control methods and products long before going green was cool. At Plunkett’s, the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques is nothing new. We understand the importance of health and safety for families, homes, businesses, and the environment. That is why we have developed a minimalist approach when it comes to pest control treatments. The standard protocol when treating for or preventing pest infestations looks like this:  

  1. A review of the structures and exterior of the home or business to see where the pests are getting in. Also suggestions for repairs to seal off such locations.
  2. Regular treatments to the exterior to reduce pest populations before they have a chance to get inside.
  3. Monitoring of the inside to catch any infestations early on.
  4. Interior treatments only when necessary. Note: Some interior treatments are 100% chemical free.
Pest control is a process that many times can be avoided through preventative measures alone. As home and business owners become more aware of ways to prevent pests from entering, they will find that in many cases there is no need to use chemical treatments. But if ants, spiders and other pests do still find their way inside, thankfully there are environmentally sensitive methods to get rid of your pest problem with little or no use of chemical treatments. To avoid pests from wreaking havoc in your Midwest home or at your place of business, contact Plunkett’s for the latest eco friendly pest control techniques. Not only are pests a major nuisance to have but they can lead to illness and cause extensive structural damage, not something you want to allow. Plunkett’s Pest Control serves much of the midwest including Alexandria, Minneapolis, and Duluth, Minnesota, Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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