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mouse in home

Among the many pests that could invade your home during the fall and winter months, perhaps one of the worst are mice. These tiny rodents seem to take advantage of any hole or crack in your home’s exterior to gain access and then once in, that’s when the trouble really begins as mice are notorious for causing problems for homeowners in the Midwest and beyond. Aside from removing the welcome mat, how can you be sure that mice don’t see your home as a welcoming haven from the cooler weather?  Well friends, it takes serious pest proofing in conjunction with your regular pest control services. While you may think that your home is closed off from the outside, think again. There are many hidden little cracks and crevices that can become an open door for mice to wiggle their way through. Mice only need an opening about the size of a dime and they squeeze on through to the inside of your home. Here are some of the most common places to find openings:

  • Cracks along the foundation of the home
  • Gaps and holes in the doors
  • Holes or tears in the screens
  • Gaps and holes along the windows
  • Utility openings such as pipes
  • Garage door frames
  • Behinds steps
Clearly, there are many areas that you may not think of off the top of your head that mice can easily find. In order to avoid a mouse problem this fall and winter it is important to mouse proof your home. This means a very thorough inspection of all of these hidden places and then properly sealing off any entry points so that rodents don’t have easy access. Of course, preventative measures alone may not be enough to battle mice that are breaking and entering.  To that end, we highly recommend that you protect your home with year round pest control services from Plunkett’s.  Not only will our pest control professionals get rid of mice that are already infesting your structure, they’ll put a stop to future infestations of mice and other household pests common to Minneapolis, Minnesota and our region.  To learn more about pest control for mice in Minneapolis, MN; Lincoln, NE; the Quad City region; or throughout Plunkett’s large Midwest service area, please contact us today!

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