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termite damage signs

We’ve all heard the stories about termites who have infested homes and left severe damages to wood. But if you have not had the first hand experience of a termite problem in your home than you may not be familiar with what they look like or how to spot signs of an infestation. The most important thing is to detect termites before they have the chance to really cause damage. The most common species of termite found in our region is the Eastern subterranean termite. These guys form colonies underground and need moist conditions to survive. The air or sunlight will dry them out and they will die. Depending on their role in the colony, either worker, soldier or reproductive, their appearance and size will vary.

  • Workers are smallest at about â…› of an inch and they are soft bodied and either a grayish white or a creamy white.
  • Soldiers are very similar to workers except a little larger and their heads are a yellow to brown color.
  • Swarmers are the name given to the reproductive termites and these guys generally have wings and are a black to yellowish brown color.
But considering they are only likely to be underground or inside moist wood, you will probably not come into contact with many termites. The best way to identify whether or not you have an infestation is to learn the common signs of termites so you can take appropriate action which is to contact your local pest control company right away.
  • Mud tunnels, used for termites to travel underground, if found on yours or your neighbors property signifies a colony nearby.
  • Termite swarms will happen usually in the early spring and this is when the reproductive termites flee the colony to find a mate and form a new colony. You may see the actual swarm or the remnants of wings that fall off after a few minutes.  Discarded wings may be inside your home near doors, windows and light fixtures.
  • Wood damage, although the most logical sign of termite destruction is actually the hardest to detect. Termites work from the inside out which means you are not likely to see the structural damage until it is too late.
Since termites can leave your home structurally damaged it is important to have the professionals come in to exterminate the existing colony and prevent future termite colonies from forming. Plunkett’s Pest Control provides pest control services throughout the Midwest including Minneapolis, Lincoln, Erie and Milwaukee. If termites or other insects or rodents are a problem in your home, contact us today!

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