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Rat coming out of crack in cement wall

For the last several months, many businesses have been closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. With people spending more time in their houses, and less time dining out, there has been less litter on the streets and less trash in dumpsters. The combination of empty buildings and less food sources has caused an increase in rodent activity as the pesky pests search for food.

Why have rats been more active during the pandemic?

Usually, restaurant floors and trash cans act as an all-you-can-eat-buffet for rats. However, with restaurants either closed or only open for takeout and delivery, the amount of food being made has decreased significantly. This has caused rats to have to work a little harder and search a little more to find their next meal. If your business is vacant, there’s nothing stopping these pesky pests from wandering the building to find snacks.

This is also the case with litter outside. With COVID-19, there has been less trash and litter on the streets. This has caused rats to come farther out from their shelter to find snacks.

How do I keep rats out of my business during COVID-19?

Make sure your stored food is sealed properly

Rats can be quite persistent when they’re hungry. That’s why it’s important to seal your food storage items in airtight containers.

Inspect your property

Frequently check your property for signs of rats. Inspect areas with boxes, food, or garbage. Ensure that these spots are clean and free of rats.

Seal holes and cracks

Rats can get inside buildings even through the smallest holes. Gaps and holes by doors, windows, crawl spaces, and sinks all need to be sealed. It may be difficult to find possible entry points, but it’s important to find as many as you can and have them sealed.

Get in touch with the professionals

If you have a rat infestation in your business, getting help from professional pest control is a surefire way to solve the pest problem. Not only can the experts get rats out of your business, they can keep them out for good. Get in touch with Plunkett’s to rid your business of rats!

At Plunkett’s, the health of our customers and employees is our priority. That’s why our expert team will follow all state, federal, and local CDC guidelines during this outbreak. Our pest management technicians will wash their hands frequently, practice social distancing, and be equipped with all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). Get in touch with us today to rid your space of unwanted visitors!


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