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mice infestation prevention

According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), an estimated 21 million U.S. homes are invaded by rodents each winter. This may not seem like a big deal, however mice, rats and other rodents are capable of inflicting structural damage, creating fire hazards when they chew on electrical wiring and destroying insulation with their nesting, feces and urine. While these are all worst case scenarios, Minneapolis residents as well as homeowners throughout Minnesota and the Midwest should be aware of the risks and take action to prevent rodent problems. At Plunkett’s Pest Control, we understand that these creatures may seem harmless, however, if mice, rats and other rodents are left to their own devices, your home could quickly turn into a hot bed of rodent activity. Did we mention that mice and rats are prolific breeders? You’re probably wondering how to get rid of mice and other pests before they become a major problem. The answer is simple: prevent them from entering in the first place. Though not as easy as it sounds, you can significantly reduce the chances of a rodent problem in your home by pest-proofing. Below, please find some tips you can use to discourage mice and other rodents from coming indoors this fall.

Exclude The Pests Out

  • Fill or seal cracks, crevices and holes in your foundation, siding and around your home
  • Install chimney caps
  • Cover vents with screens
  • Replace torn screens over windows and doors
  • Create a deterrent around your foundation with crushed rock

Remove Harborages

  • Keep garages and storage areas free of clutter
  • Remove cardboard boxes
  • Store firewood well away from the dwelling

Eliminate Food Sources

  • Remove bird feeders from the property
  • Consider using artificial decorations for holiday decorating instead of pumpkins and other edible items
  • Keep people and pet food stored in air tight containers
  • Store trash in containers that can withstand gnawing
If you’ve already noticed chew marks, rodent droppings or other signs of pest activity, then preventative measures are not enough. It’s the time of year for rodents and overwintering insects to be headed indoors, but Plunkett's Pest Control is ready to help with our residential pest control services in Minneapolis, Lincoln and Moline as well as throughout our service area. Call 1-866-906-1780 or simply click here to request service.

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