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Just because you may not have been hearing about bed bugs in the media recently, does not mean that they are not still around. In fact, bed bugs are continuing their trek through homes and businesses all across the country. And because these tiny, reddish-brown bugs with a oval shaped bodies do not make noise and are very hard to see alive and in action, it makes them an elusive pest. But thankfully for those in Minneapolis and across the Upper Midwest, Plunkett's Pest Control has one of the largest bed bug treatment fleets in the country designed to find and kill bed bugs that are invading your home or business. We believe (and have seen it many times) that being proactive when it comes to bed bug control is the cheapest and easiest option. By waiting until there is a severe infestation that is noticeable to humans, not only are you compromising your hard earn reputation as a business owner, but you are also going to have to implement more aggressive bed bug treatment program. Not to mention, the cost of remediation will increase as the severity of the bed bug infestation grows. Some of the remediation costs include the purchase of new furniture, also any litigation matters that arise from customers or guests seriously impacted by their encounter with these parasitic insects. So, where is the silver lining in all of this? Back to our large bed bug treatment fleet! We want to catch bed bugs before they have the chance to spread throughout the home or your business. We want to catch them before they find humans to bite (yes, bed bugs feed on human blood - very vampire like). It is a combination of our years of experience and training as well as our team of well-trained bed bug sniffing dogs that help to prevent the negative impact of a bed bug infestation. As mentioned before, we like to be proactive when it comes to bed bugs. So how about signing up for a K9 inspection? Even if you don’t think you have bed bugs, it is best to know for sure. Human inspections alone, even when performed by a trained pest control professional, are not nearly as accurate as K9 bed bug inspections. In just a few minutes time, our team of trained bed bug dogs will be able to locate any bed bugs, even bed bug eggs in your home or business. Before bed bugs have the chance to leave your image and reputation tarnished, please contact Plunkett's Pest Control. And remember, just because you don't see them or hear them, it does not mean that you are bed bug free. Our pest control service area extends throughout the Midwest including Minneapolis and Alexandria, MN; Lincoln and Omaha, NE; and throughout the Quad City region.

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