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As the weather begins to cool with the changing of the seasons, you may be finding pests that are trying to move inside. Among many, house spiders are a common issue for homeowners in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota as well as the whole Midwest. While house spiders are generally harmless, they do still tend to cause a scare when spotted by homeowners and let’s not forget, they are still a pest. The reason that you are more likely to find spiders during the cooler months of the year is because spiders are looking for warm shelter where they can spin their webs. They are also looking for a place that offers an ample food source which means flies and other insects that are in the home are going to be just fine. You are more likely to find spiders in the low traffic areas of home such as:

  • in corners where walls and ceilings meet
  • the basement
  • the attic
  • crawl spaces
  • back of the closet
  • cluttered storage areas
  • the garage
The best way to avoid spider infestations is to discourage spiders from hanging out on the inside of your home and to cut off their access to the interior. Trimming back bushes around the home, removing clutter, and sealing off any cracks or holes is going to reduce the risk of a run in with a spider. But keep in mind that your preventative measures alone may not be enough. Homeowners are taking advantage of our residential pest control services in Minneapolis and throughout our large Midwest service area to keep their homes free of spiders and other nuisance and potentially damaging insects and rodents. Consisting of treatment visits spread out through the year, we will inspect, monitor and treat your home when necessary so that you do not have to worry about pests no matter what time of the year. To learn more, please contact us today at Plunkett’s Pest Control!

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