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green pest control

Going green is everywhere and in the pest control industry, this is no exception. In fact, our entomologist Jay Bruesch was a leader in “green” pest control long before it became popular. Many people are still of the mindset that pest control consists of the application pesticides to kill pests. And while some methods of pest control still rely on pesticides, the use is less and/or replaced or partnered with newer, greener technologies that are highly effective in eradicating pests. So what is green pest control anyways? It is the use of the least amount of chemicals as well as chemical free techniques to safely and effectively get rid of pests from Midwest homes and businesses while having less impact on the environment and safer for us and our families. One of the key aspects to green pest control solutions is using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach which focuses on avoiding pest problems in the first place. IPM techniques assign responsibility not just to the pest control professionals but also to the home or business owners. Working together, pest problems are prevented. The components of an IPM approach are as follows:

  • Monitoring for pest activity both inside and outside
  • Identifying sources of pest infestations
  • Implementing sanitation practices that deter pest activity
  • Practicing exclusion techniques to keep pests away
  • Devising treatment strategy best suited for the situation at hand
  • Evaluating the pest control approach
By preventing pests from entering your home or business facility in the first place, there is going to be less necessity for the use of chemicals, less chance of remediation costs from pest damages, less chance of the health risks associated with pests, and of course less impact on the environment. If you like to learn more about Plunkett’s Pest Control’s green approach to pest management, then please contact us today! We provide eco-friendly pest control for homes and businesses across the Midwest including Alexandria and Minneapolis, Minnesota; Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska; as well as throughout the Quad City region.

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