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roaches in my home

So it’s garbage day and you’re following your normal routine: collect the trash from the bathrooms and bed rooms, bag it all up and put it outside in the garbage can or dumpster. And that’s when you notice it- the little black bug crawling across the top of a pizza box, darting down into the darkness of the bag. Chills may spread across your skin, as you realize you’ve just seen a cockroach. You close the bag up as quickly as you possibly can and quickly run back into the house. Then you start to wonder “Could there be more?” That’s when you start your extensive cockroach search, looking through the cabinets and under the sinks.  You see two more and crush them as soon as you find them. That may be all you find for the moment, but the thought is now in your mind: you have cockroaches. The professionals at Plunkett’s Pest Control want to remind you that having one or two cockroaches in your home really isn’t a serious concern, especially if you can find them quickly and destroy them on your own.  But having any more than that can be a problem, because they thrive in unsanitary conditions, spreading bacteria and diseases everywhere they go and causing allergies and even asthma in young children.  If you should locate just a couple cockroaches, you need to be aware that there could be more hiding in dark and moist areas in your home. And if you should find more than just a couple, it’s time to call in the Minneapolis pest control pros. At Plunkett’s Pest Control, we don’t want you to have to deal with pests, especially pests that can pose a health risk to you and your family. So put down the DIY can of roach spray and step away from the problem. Pick up the phone instead and call your friendly neighborhood exterminators at Plunkett’s Pest Control in Minneapolis and throughout the Upper Midwest. Our technicians are trustworthy, talented and very effective at getting rid of roaches and all your pest problems. Contact us today for your first inspection and we’ll be happy to help you take the worry out of cockroach control!

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