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winter pest control

As the frost sets in, pests such as flies, bees, and mosquitoes are a faint memory of the past. But what about winter pests who are seeking an escape from the cold weather to make your home theirs? It is always a good idea to keep your pest control service going through the winter months or you could be in for a stressful winter with pest invaders. The pest control experts at Plunkett’s would like to offer residents of Minneapolis, Milwaukee and throughout Minnesota and the rest of Plunkett's service area a few reasons why it is so important to keep your winter pest control services going throughout the year.  

  1. Many pests such as mice and rats do not hibernate in the winter. They spend their winter seeking food, water and warm shelter. This means that your home is a massive target. These types of pests are known to cause a lot of structural damage to your home. They can chew through electrical wires, drywall, and destroy insulation. In the worst cases, some homes have even suffered electrical fires due to the work of some little chewing rodent teeth.
  2. If pests do find their way into your home this winter, some carry dangerous diseases and can cause allergies and harm to your family and pets. Rodents as well as cockroaches are known for carrying pathogens that can leave humans and pets ill. Although spiders generally do not seek to bite humans, they can cause anxiety and stress when encountered in the home.
  3. Another issue with winter pests is that they can easily end up right in your living space. If there is any food left out or trash that hasn’t been properly disposed of, you may very well find a critter rummaging around in your kitchen. Rodents and cockroaches are probably the most commonly found pests scurrying around seeking food from your kitchen.
Even though some pests are "out of sight, out of mind" for the winter months, there are still many insects and rodents that would be happy to cause those in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota extra stress and chaos. Don’t allow yourself to welcome a pest infestation into your home this winter. Contact us at Plunkett’s Pest Control to schedule an inspection today and stay ahead of all pests this year.

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