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Do you ever find yourself watching a movie and thinking, “Why are they doing that? Don’t go into that scary house! Don’t open the magical locked door! Don’t make a deal with the devil!” Who hasn’t, right? Hollywood loves to keep us on our toes, but sometimes a little common sense could go a long way. Here are five movies Plunkett’s Pest Control thinks could have gone a lot better if only someone had thought to call a pest control professional before things got too out of hand:  

Starship Troopers

If you've never heard of the 1997 sci-fi cult film about a futuristic military unit tasked with fighting a mysterious alien foe, you’re missing out on a whole lot of bug-hunting action. Spoiler alert: there is a huge catastrophe when alien bugs send an asteroid crashing into Buenos Aries, killing millions. The federation military responds in kind, sending soldiers to the bug’s home planet, leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Here’s our problem: did anyone think to talk to an expert pest identification technician before sending people off to shoot at the bugs with guns? They would have been able to give a more finessed answer to fighting this six legged foe than just “shoot ‘em!,” we’re sure of it.

Ant Man

Okay, so technically Ant Man is a good guy, but maybe you're a super villain! Here’s a tip to baddies trying to confound the diminutive super hero's powers of hideout penetration: hire someone to get rid of the ants plaguing your lair. Scott Lang's effectiveness is due in large part to his ability to psychically communicate with ants to complete super tasks, so if there aren't any ants, there aren’t any problems.


Long story short, Tremors is about some regular ol’ people fighting a very big and very murderous worm. Despite being clever enough to fell some of the creatures using homemade incendiary devices, at no point did anyone think, "We should call an expert on pest identification and eradication. I bet they'd have some better ideas than running around like crazy people and using explosives." If they ever decide to make a Tremors 6, the screenwriters can contact us at Plunkett’s for some expert advice on how to add a little realism to the film.


This 1990’s horror-comedy classic is a perfect example of why it’s so important to check your property for signs of insect infestation. For all you know, you might have a nest of magical evil spiders in your barn. If you had just been looking for them and called somebody about the nest, you could have avoided the systematic destruction of the town you live and work in. Just saying.

The Swarm 

Just a warning: this movie is bad. Really bad. In fact, it’s so bad that it comes full-circle and is somehow watchable just because it’s so hilariously awful. Worse than the movie itself are the consistently bad choices the film’s characters make regarding how to deal with a swarm of killer bees. Not surprisingly, they choose ideas like firebombing the murderous buzzers instead of just calling an expert in the removal of bees and other unsightly pest infestations.   Maybe the protagonist in famous Hollywood films aren’t always too smart, but at least they’re fun to watch. What isn’t fun to watch are real-life pest infestations, so if you ever have a supersized pest problem, we recommend scheduling a service with the experts from Plunkett’s Pest Control.

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