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bed bug in summer

A question lingering on the minds of many is whether or not bed bugs are more active during the summer months. The answer is yes and Plunkett’s has some insight as to why bed bug activity may be on the rise during the summer months and how you can avoid bed bugs in Minneapolis, Omaha or wherever you spending time this summer.

More Movement, More Travel

More movement, more travel, and more activity in the summer inevitably means an increase in bed bug activity.  That’s because the opportunity to hop onto luggage, people, and pets also increases as families welcome college students home,  plan getaways and host out of town guests.  As people continue to travel, the bed bugs become more embedded into homes, hotels, apartments, and other well populated areas.

What Can You Do?

So, what is a concerned summer traveler to do? The good news is that you can protect yourself and your home from an infestation as long as you are vigilant, and are prepared!  So whether you are planning a trip to the beach or have an other destination in mind, be sure to take these bed bug prevention tips along:
  • Pack clothing in large bags that seal closed and keep it in these bags during your trip
  • Always inspect your hotel room before bringing your belongings inside
  • When you return home inspect luggage outside.
  • Wash clothing immediately and vacuum out suitcases
  • Continue to inspect your home after your summer travels as it may take time to notice if bed bugs did get travel back with you
For a more in depth travel guide, refer to our previous blog: How to Avoid Bed Bugs On Your Vacation. So although experts are suspecting this summer (as with last summer) to be worse for bed bug infestations, you do not have to fall victim. You can still enjoy your regular summer activities and travel as long as you are aware of how to avoid bed bugs. If you are experiencing a bed bug scare, please contact the bed bug control experts at Plunkett’s Pest Control right away. We offer a wide variety of bed bug services in Minneapolis, Erie and throughout our service area that may include K9 bed bug inspection and bed bug heat treatment.

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