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house spiders

So you may not be afraid of spiders but do you really want them living with you?  Most of us don’t and yet we often find eight legged arachnids making themselves at home in our homes and the webs they weave hanging on our windows, in ceiling corners and doorways as well as on the exterior of our homes.  If you’ve noticed a sudden increase in spider activity and aren’t sure what to do about it then keep reading.

Common House Spiders

Common house spiders are really quite harmless and are considered more a nuisance pest because of the unsightly webs they leave behind.  They tend to become more noticeable as the weather warms and will construct their webs in random spots as they attempt to capture insects for their next meal.  If one area doesn’t yield good results they’ll simply abandon their web in search of a better spot.  The results are dusty cobwebs all over your house, cabin or even on your dock.  Although considered beneficial because of their consumption of other insects, no one really wants to share their space with spiders or have to clean up after them.

Getting Rid Of Spiders

Getting rid of spiders is a difficult task to take on.  The good news is that if you have other insects in or around your home then spiders will help you out.  The bad news is that if you do have other insects infesting your home and property then you are likely to have ongoing spider problems.  At Plunkett’s Pest Control we offer home and cabin owners in Lake Minnetonka, Alexandria and throughout Minnesota and the Midwest a solution for all of their insect and rodent problems.  Our home pest control services are designed to eliminate all manner of household pests from ants to mice to spiders and include an inspection and treatment for every season.  We also offer a free on-call service and are sure to have an affordable plan that will target your pest problems and provide the level of coverage you need to keep spiders and other insects and rodents out of your house.  To find out more about our residential pest control services, please contact us today.

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