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One of the least visited areas in the home by humans also happens to be one of the most frequently visited places by pests, especially as winter closes in and seeking warm, secure shelter becomes a priority. We’re talking about the attic, and while spiders and other insects as well as rodents and wildlife may think this location deal, we are sure that most homeowners in Minnesota and across the Midwest would not agree. Dangers of pests in the attic While most spiders are not going to cause harm, if threatened spiders can bite and some spider bites can be dangerous to humans. And even aside from dangerous spider bites, their webs are just plain unsightly. Other overwintering insects may not be destructive to home or contents, their presence can be overwhelming, especially when they congregate in large numbers, as some like the ladybug are prone to do. As for rodents and wildlife, they tend to pose more of a risk when they infest our attics. The urine and feces of wildlife and rodents can contaminate surfaces and spread harmful bacteria and diseases, which can leave you ill. Another problem is the constant gnawing of many rodents, which leads to structural damage and even risk of fire. How can I keep pests out of the attic? While it may be hard to fully prevent pests from getting inside (they are very sneaky), there are some pest proofing tips, which will reduce the threat of an attic infestation this winter.

  1. Seal off all cracks, holes, and openings and be sure to do a thorough inspection of the exterior so you get all the potential access points. Check the foundation, windows and doors, and utility openings.
  2. Trim back bushes and shrubs so they do not touch the side of the home as this provides a bridge for pests to your home.
  3. Swap cardboard boxes for more durable storage containers and remove clutter from your attic to eliminate hiding places for pests.
Keep in mind that preventative measures alone may not be enough to keep critters out of the attic this winter; it is very important that homeowners continue their regular pest control services to ensure that the attic does not become a guest room to unwanted house-guests. To learn more about how to keep a pest free attic this winter, please contact Plunkett’s Pest Control. Our pros offer Alexandria pest control as well as pest control services in Minnesota, Lincoln, NE, the Quad City region and across the Midwest. Pests do not have to take over the attic this winter because you can take charge first with Plunkett’s trusted home pest services.

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