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In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be a good time to shed some light on those bugs that we love to hate. The creepy crawlies like spiders and the buzzing ones like mosquitoes and bees are not on our list of favorites. But, all of these bugs do serve a purpose that is good for our world, so instead of highlighting what we don’t like about them, and that list is long, we are going to highlight all of the good that these bugs bring to our lives. So to change things up, let’s look at some of the bugs we love to hate in Minneapolis and throughout Plunkett’s service area.


They may be the creepiest of the crawlies, but spiders are not as bad as they look. Spiders are great at trapping and feeding on other insects that we find to be pests, like flies for example. Spiders are generally not aggressive; they just spend their days waiting for their next insect victim to land in their web. Most spider infestation problems are found in or around homes near lakes, streams or ponds.  Although some spiders can bite if they are disturbed, most cannot pierce human skin. Even better, poisonous spiders like the Brown Recluse are not native to the Minnesota area. Another reason to love spiders besides the fact that they help to eliminate some other nuisance pests, is for their amazing ability to create intricate web designs. If you take a moment to notice their hard work, you just may want to love spiders a little more.


Sometimes refered to as the unofficial state bird of Minnesota is the well-known and well hated mosquito. These insects have the ability to ruin an outdoor gathering and send you running for shelter. The attack of mosquitoes makes it hard to believe they do any good, but in fact, mosquitoes serve as a major food source for other animals such as birds, amphibians, and fish. Without mosquitoes, these other animals would suffer and the whole food chain would be thrown off. Did you know that only the female mosquitoes are the ones who feed on human and animal blood? Male mosquitoes are actually pollinators and they feed on plant nectar and other sugary sources. So really, we can’t hate all mosquitoes. Without them our planet’s food chain would be thrown out of balance and we really would all suffer in the end. So send the next mosquito you see a little thanks and then you can run for the bug spray.

Stinging Insects

We have all cringed at the sound of a bee buzzing near our head. And although it may seem like bees are after us for no reason, they are generally not on a hunt for humans. Many stinging insects, like the honey bee, for example are wonderful pollinators. Many commercial crops would not exist without the help of honey bees pollinating. Some estimate that commercial pollination from bees is over a billion dollar industry. And how about nature’s most delicious sweetener? Honey is produced from the bees we love to hate and without them, we would be missing out on lots of tasty treats. There are few stinging insects that are known to be aggressive towards humans. Generally a sting is a sign of fear and defense for these insects. So unless you are threatening them, they are not a big threat to you. Let’s face it, life would just not be as sweet without our bee friends. So to help spread the love this year for Valentine’s Day, these are reasons to love the bugs that we have put on our hate list. Since these bugs can’t serve their natural purpose in our Minneapolis homes very well, if you do find any of these bugs we love to hate, contact the pest control professionals at Plunkett’s Pest Control. Our experienced service team can assist you in safely and effectively removing any pests that have invaded your home.

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