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bed bug heat treatment

In the Midwest and throughout the country bed bug problems are on the rise. These nighttime pests are infesting homes, apartment buildings, hospitals, hotels and other residential and commercial lodgings in major cities like Minneapolis and Madison and even in smaller communities. Because they have developed genetic mutations, they are becoming more resistant to some conventional bed bug treatments. At Plunkett’s we understand the severity of this pest problem and that is why we have trained on, and invested in, multiple heat remediation units and offer effective residential and commercial bed bug control using bed bug heat treatments. For Minneapolis Bed Bug Control and bed bug services throughout Michigan and the Midwest rely on Plunkett’s Pest Control. We are the leader in bed bug heat treatments for the entire Midwest region. To get rid of bed bugs completely bed bug heat treatments are the ideal solution. With a success rate of 97% on the first treatment we are resolving bed bug infestations thoroughly and by natural, eco-friendly means. Killing bed bugs with heat requires our pest control technicians to warm a home or building up to a temperature that is proven to eradicate all stages in the bed bug life cycle or simply about 135°. While this prolonged degree of heat eliminates bed bugs from nymphs to adults it is also completely safe for the structure as well as any personal items and belongings. If you believe your home or business may be infested with bed bugs contacting Plunkett’s Pest Control is the best way you get can rid of bed bugs completely. To find out more about our eco-friendly bed bug heat treatments for Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and parts of Nebraska, please contact us.

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