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Maintaining a positive image and reputation is a must for businesses. We’ve all heard reports of bed bugs in hotels and roaches detected in commercial kitchens and if we are being honest, it is likely that we would think twice before visiting establishments that have been noted as infested. Unfortunately pests such as bed bugs, rodents and birds can pose a significant problem for businesses who rely on their brand name. Infestations can also threaten the health of people, product and property. Business owners must do everything to eliminate pests as well as do everything in their power to prevent pest problems from occurring. At Plunkett’s we understand the challenges companies face when trying to run a successful business. That is why we provide pest control services in Minneapolis and throughout the Midwest that are tailored to fit any type of facility including:

  • Farms
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Apartments and condominiums
  • Schools
  • Health care facilities
  • Grocery stores
A Closer Look At A Couple Of Plunkett’s Service Offerings Unfortunately for business owners (and homeowners), bed bug infestations continue to be a problem.  While hotels have long been a haven for these pests, we are now seeing bed bugs in retail environments as well as school dorms and public transportation.  To combat this prevalent pest problem, Plunkett’s offers a bed bug control program which includes education for employees to learn ways to identity bed bugs as well as what to do if they do spot a bed bug problem. Along with education Plunkett’s provides K9 inspection services that are able to quickly and effectively check rooms for any signs of bed bugs. And when necessary treatment is included to discreetly get rid of bed bugs and protect the image and reputation of the business. When it comes to pest birds Plunkett’s understand how these pests can tarnish your reputation. And not only that but they can cause health problems for employees, customers, and the environment. In order to prevent birds from taking over your business the Minneapolis pest control experts offer commercial bird control services which include exclusion, trapping, netting, and deterrence in order to protect your facility. Along with services to control bed bugs and birds, Plunkett’s can remove and prevent a number of other pests at your place of business. Contact us today to get started with your company’s pest control services!

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