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beneficial pests

For as loud as you screamed when you saw that spider crawl across the floor, the critter could actually be doing some good. While most insects are an annoyance in your life, their contributions may be more vital than you think. Especially for gardeners and farmers, certain insects and pests have invaluable benefits. Check out these insects you may hate, but might begin to love after you hear what they do for you:


When you enter the bathroom in the morning and see a small black dot moving quickly across the floor, you’re likely to have some unwelcome emotions. Despite your initial fear, step back and think about the benefits. Spiders are known to control insects and create webs to catch unwanted critters. They also help control insects that have the potential to destroy crops. We’re not saying your home should be a home for spiders, but you shouldn’t worry if you see a few around your home or yard, as only some rare types are dangerous. But if you’d rather not cohabitate with arachnids, call the professionals.

Bumble Bees

Bumble bees’ larger shape makes them intimidating to humans. While some do have the potential to sting, they’re valuable to the environment. As bumble bees pollinate fruits, vegetables and native wildflowers, their actions help increase fruit production and quality.

Honey Bees

If you like honey in your tea, you might want to think twice about your hatred for a certain bee. While you worry about getting rid of the honey bees flying around your yard, those bees are up to more than you think — and you’re likely reaping the benefits of their hard work. One hive can house nearly 35,000 bees, who are at work creating honey and beeswax. If honey bees do become a problem or swarm in your yard, don’t try to deal with the problem yourself. Call professional pest specialists like us, and they’ll conduct a safe, ethical removal of the bees.


If you spot ladybugs in your garden, you can welcome them with open arms. An adult ladybug is capable of consuming 50 to 60 aphids per day and can also help rid your garden of mealy bugs, spider mites and a variety of other harmful critters. While many pests can be beneficial, they can be overwhelming or harmful in large numbers. If the critters are reaching a critical level in your home or yard, Plunkett’s Pest Control can help. Our technicians are trained and experienced and have the expertise to help you rid your home of pests. We’re also family-owned and -operated and have your best interests in mind every time. Contact us today to learn more about our company or schedule a service.  

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